Econag China


The China Research Programme aims to contribute to sustainable development in China and Europe.

The Programme fosters dialogue and the exchange of best practices in the areas of agriculture and rural development, energy and low-carbon development, social stability and food security.


- Disseminate Knowledge on the socio-economic situation of rural areas in China and their role in the social stability, economic development and food security of the whole country.
- Promote Mutual Understanding between China and Europe on policy, structural and conjunctural conditions that characterize the rural economies of China and the EU, highlighting common interests, similarities and differences in policy approach and challenges arising from global changes and developments.
- Engender Cooperation at Research level between China and Italy in rural sustainable development
- Promote Best Practice Exchange between EU and China through the dissemination of research findings on sustainable development policies and practices in China and in the EU.
- Provide Research-backed Policy Recommendations and be a reference point for policy makers and civil society organizations on the theme of rural sustainable development in reference to China, the EU-China relations and the role of China in the global economy.
- Reach out to both Academic and Non-Academic Audiences, improving the knowledge and awareness, of the business community in first place, of the challenges and opportunities offered by a sustainable rural development.


Agriculture and Agro-food in the Global Economy
- Structure of agriculture in China, the main stakeholders (the government, the households, the non-households) and the resource utilization (land, water, production inputs)
- Food production, prices and food security
- South-South relations

Rural areas: development and living conditions
- Status of development in rural China: the new snapshot from data Census analysis (1996-2006).
- Living conditions of villages in rural China: commonalities and differences in cross-province comparisons
- Dynamic Changes in rural areas and China's future development: relevance of migration and changes in the labor force in agriculture

Spatial Inequalities: rural-urban and regional disparities
- Economic Convergence vs. Convergence in Development in China
- Rural-Urban relations: migration, urbanization, models of consumption, alternative uses of resources

China & Climate Change: the transition towards Low-Carbon Economy
- Utilization of resources in China (focus on water, land).
- Urbanization process: expansion of urban, peri-urban areas.
- River water quality in urban areas
- Energy policy and mechanisms to enhance energy efficiency. Investments in renewable energy

China-EU relations
- Comparative analysis of rural development and agricultural policies
- Comparative analysis of energy and environmental policies
- Dialogue between China and EU over sustainable development measures and best practices exchanges