LA LINEA COMMERCIALE VIVI VERDE COOP . Andamenti, diffusione e prospettive future.

Social, cultural and demographic changes due to economic growth lead to changes on food production patterns. Increased instruction levels, strong urbanization and consequent depopulation of rural areas, increased number of working women, increased wealth of families, growth and differentiation of food demand led to deep innovations in consumers priorities and choices: consumption behaviors are now more focused on food safety (search for secure, healthy and even biological food) rather than food security (the problem of food scarcity no longer affects the developed countries). Food producers and distributors, in particular large scale distribution, gradually adapted their strategies to meet the emerging consumers’ preferences. In this paper we analyze the brand management strategy ViviVerde” pursued by Coop and, with an analysis of the demand elasticity of the food products sold with the ViviVerde label (eggs, milk, fresh cheese, pasta, fruit juices) from January 2010 to May 2012.

Autori: Brasili, Cristina ; Marchese, Aldo ; Barducci, Lucia ; Masotti, Matteo
Anno: 2013
Analisi economiche e statistiche