Cristina Brasili

Associate Professor of Economic Policy at University of Bologna, ECONAG Senior Research Fellow
Telefono: +39 051 20 98 260
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Cristina Brasili is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Bologna, Dept. of Statistical Sciences and technical advisor of the executive board of Coop Adriatica (part of the largest Italian organization of consumers’ cooperatives, COOP). She is also founder and president of RegiosS (, an association monitoring the economic performance of the Italian regions. Her background is in statistical and demographic sciences with a PhD in Agrifood Economics and Statistics obtained in 1999 from the University of Siena. She has a longstanding research experience in the agrifood industry and industrial districts as well as in regional development economics and policies, having worked for long on convergence in the EU and the use and impacts of the EU structural funds. Among her main research interests there are also Local Development and Terriorial Capital, the Economic Impact of Corruption, Economics of Gender and Female Entrepreneurship. In the early 2000s she worked with Professor Roberto Fanfani on the analysis of the 1996 China’s agriculture census data, contributing to the understanding of the economic structure of rural China.


Brasili, Cristina ; Marchese, Aldo ; Barducci, Lucia ; Masotti, Matteo
LA LINEA COMMERCIALE VIVI VERDE COOP . Andamenti, diffusione e prospettive future.

Social, cultural and demographic changes due to economic growth lead to changes on food production patterns.

Brasili,C., Marchese, A.
"I distretti agroalimentari e le produzioni Dop e Igp". in Economia e Diritto Agroalimentare, 1/2012, pp.105-132
Firenze University press, Firenze
Industrial districts and PDO and PGI productions are peculiarities of the Italian socio-economic system. In the contemporary crises they registered positive economic performances.
Fanfani, R., Brasili, C., Rastoin, J., L.
Knowledge, sustainability and bioresources in the further development of the agri-food system
Bononia University Press

Agriculture and the food industry are going through rapid and substantial structural changes, driven by the evolving of development patterns, consumer lifestyles and by the growing of globalization and integration from local and global problems.

Legacoop Bologna
Rapporto economico e sociale della cooperazione bolognese

La redazione del primo Rapporto economico-sociale della cooperazione bolognese, che pure sconta inevitabili elementi di sperimentazione, consente di sviluppare un'analisi sul posizionamento economico della cooperazione bolognese e nel contempo di svolgere alcune considerazioni sulle conseguenze d

Fanfani, R., Brasili, C.
Perspective of the Agri-food system in the new millennium

This book addresses a number of crucial agrifood system issues in the new Millennium perspective.